Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) Nigeria
No 40 IBM Haruna Crescent, Utako, FCT - Abuja


The total demand for rice in Nigeria is put at about 5.2 million MT a year out of which about 3.3 million MT are produced locally. The high cost of importation in recent years has highlighted the desire by Government to encourage import substitution by encouraging increased local production.

Nigeria spends an average of N1billion daily on rice importation and desires to be self sufficient in Rice Production by 2015.

Government has wooed private investors to invest in the rice sector of Nigeria.

Our Strategy
YISA sees a great opportunity to create jobs for Nigerian youths by engaging them in rice production while efforts will be in place to secure a production contract from 20 of the Industrial Rice milling factories to be sited nation nationwide. 

Production and marketing of Paddy rice 

Cultivation Target
To acquire a minimum of 18,000 Ha for YISA Youth/Women Rice Farmers Clusters in 9 States at 2000Ha per State. 

YISA Participating States
Nine (9) States shall be participating, namely; 

  1. Adamawa
  2. Anambra
  3. Benue
  4. Cross River
  5. Ebonyi
  6. Imo
  7. Plateau
  8. Niger
  9. Taraba