Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) Nigeria
No 40 IBM Haruna Crescent, Utako, FCT - Abuja


The oil palm is grown in the South-East, South-South, South-West and Middle belt areas of Nigeria where rainfall deficit is between 1,500 - 2000mm or more.

It is an important economic crop contributing about 72% or 1 million MT of the nation’s vegetable oil production, estimated at 1.3 million mt. It is thus significant in growing the vegetable oil industry with a deficit of 0.35 million MT which is met through import where the nation annually expends an average of the naira equivalent of USD500million in foreign exchange.

Our Strategy
YISA engages youths in raising the nursery plants needed and as well as participate in the establishment of Oil Plantation for Youths in the areas with massive production advantage.

Raising of Tenera Seedlings at the Nursery Bed and Commercial oil palm production (palm plantation).