Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) Nigeria
No 40 IBM Haruna Crescent, Utako, FCT - Abuja


Sorghum is a crop with high industrial demand and usage as raw material by beverage production companies, fortified food, high quality Sorghum flour, extruded foods and steamed foods YISA sees a great opportunity to create jobs for our peers in the production of Sorghum. The crop has wide usage locally and a good export crop. It is widely use in:

  1. Fortified Foods (soy-Akamu i.e soybean-sorghum blend)
  2. Malt, Malt Beverage and Malt Drinks like Dawamalt, Bournvita, milo, ovaltine, vitamalt etc
  3. Used for bakery products

Our Strategy
We have formed clusters of youths in the sorghum participating states of YISA to produce this crop in commercial scale. 

Cultivation Target
YISA targets the cultivation of 6000 Ha of land in its YOCCAP Scheme by 2020 in its participating states. 

YISA participating States
Five (5) States shall be participating, namely;

  1. Adamawa
  2. Gombe
  3. Kaduna
  4. Kano
  5. Niger
  6. Zamfara

Projected Total Annual output from YISA
25,200 tons 

Bi-Annual Job creation in targeted States
1000 Youths/Women