Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) Nigeria
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Youth Collaborative Community Program (YOCCAP)

Youth Unemployment is increasing in an alarming rate, both rural Youth and women access to livelihood opportunities are very limited, and of all the factors that contribute to violence, armed conflict, militancy, insurgency and poverty in Nigeria, lack of appropriate mechanism for meaningful youth engagement, empowerment and development are the most critical.

It is therefore obvious that to achieve long lasting solution to the accentuated alarming rate of youth unemployment and restiveness, all stakeholders must commit selflessly to the process of ensuring that youths are given life inherent with socio-economic independence and Agriculture possesses three times more than any other sector to achieve the result.

The long-term goal of Youth Collaborative Community Agriculture Programme (YOCCAP)  is to engage community youths and women using a cluster model to produce selected commodity on a contiguous farmland. And more particularly set up Farm site on a 300-1000 hectares of land as an incubator framework to train and empower youths and women in Nigeria on Agricultural Production and value addition chains.

The YOCCAP is designed to address the problem of lack of access to farm land, start-up capital, credit facilities, improved inputs and mechanized equipment for farming by the youths. It’s a two years revolving collaborative farming scheme put in place to train an average of Two Thousand (2,000) Youths annually in different YOCCAP Farm sites in Production-Processing-Marketing of various industrial crops while empowering them to set up their own Agro-enterprises..

Sustainable approach to Agricultural practices using mechanization, production cost and marketing bills sharing modalities to enhance profit maximization is adequately utilized through the programme.

Building youth knowledge and skills in local sustainable food production will empower and strengthen youth pride in rural culture and agricultural livelihood, and help reduce out-migration from rural areas.

We execute YOCCAP via:

  • Tertiary Institutions YOCCA Club (Agric. Faculty/Departmental based)
  • Secondary School YOCCA Club
  • Community YOCCA Club (Youth Farmers Cluster)