Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture (YISA) Nigeria
No 40 IBM Haruna Crescent, Utako, FCT - Abuja

Farmers Cooperative Management Program (FACOMAP)

Our Farmers, though without formal education, are good producers of Agricultural products in the continent. They have succeeded where the younger generation shy away from (Agriculture practices), using crude implements and old varieties of farming inputs.

Youth Agricultural Re-orientation Programme (YAREP)

Nigeria and African Youths at large perceive Agriculture as a primitive vocation meant for the uneducated rural peasant engulfed in a vicious cycle of poverty and not what a young person should practice.

Youth Collaborative Community Program (YOCCAP)

Youth Unemployment is increasing in an alarming rate, both rural Youth and women access to livelihood opportunities are very limited, and of all the factors that contribute to violence, armed conflict, militancy, insurgency and poverty in Nigeria, lack of appropriate mechanism for meaningful youth engagement, empowerment and development are the most critical.

Environmental Sustainability Project (ENSUP)

YISA Environmental Sustainability Project (ENSUP) is a greener future project designed to raise awareness and as well as take action to cushion
the rising effects of climate change in our communities.

Assist ‘The Mother’ / Rural Women

YISA's AMOP is a rural women empowerment scheme through Agriculture. Considering the disparities in women’s access to factors of Agricultural production such as land, farm credits, farm inputs and the technical know-how.